Steve Lorenz


Steve Lorenz er nemandi á þriðja ári í Ljósmyndaskólanum. Myndin á forsíðunni er úr seríu hans; Selbstgespräche sem  útlagst gæti  á íslensku sem Samtal við sjálfan sig.  Hér á síðu skólans má sjá fleiri myndir úr þessari seríu.  Steve  segir annars þetta um hugmyndina að  baki verkinu:

Selbstgespräche” is the title of this series. The German word for this title can not be directly translated into English but it can be described as having a conversation with yourself. The idea of having a concept that cannot be directly translated is already intriguing in itself. It requires another form of language which reaches beyond words such as a visual language like photography. In this series I wanted to visually express what is happening inside of us. Bring the inner voice to the outside into the light where it is visible for everyone to see. I believe we all have this inner voice in us that judges and criticizes us daily.It is the voice we hear when we do something good or bad.In this particular photograph we see a woman who is conflicted within herself and who is ready to face her inner demon.”

Q: Your favourite kind of Photography?

“Uhh… it is difficult to say….” Steve thinks for a  while. “ I could  probably mention few names … Photographers that are doing stuff I really like and is of my interest; Erwin Olaf,  Anni Leppälä and  Elina Brotherus…. “

Q: Contemporary Photography?

“Yes, Contemporary Photography… I guess.”

Q: What are you working on now?

“Now it is the final project here at the School. There I am using certain chapters of my life as an inspiration for the project. Like things in my past.  Say goodbye to people that you love and are dear to you is one of them.”

Q: Is this difficult work?

“It is not difficult for me to open up and use my personal experience as an inspiration for my work but the process of going into certain moments of my life and relive them is emotionally demanding. As an artist, I do know that you have to be able to open up to allow people into your work so they can connect with it. It is important to me that my work can reach the audience on an emotional level. Leaving them with a feeling or even only a certain mood, that’s all I want.”