Therese Precht Vadum á Paris Photo



Therese Precht Vadum er nemandi á þriðja námsári Ljósmyndaskólans. Hún ásamt hinum nemendunum lokaársins og kennurum fór á sýninguna Paris Photo í nóvember en sú hefð hefur skapast að nemendur lokaársins geri það. Við hittum Therese að máli og spurðum hana nokkurra spurninga af upplifuninni af þessari stóru og miklu sýningu.

Therese, this was your first time at Paris Photo. What surprised you the most?

The first thing was how big it was, also how much old stuff and new stuff was connected to each other there. I mean there were a lot of old pictures an projects we have been introduced to here in different courses at school, like the work of Mapplethorpe, Vivian Meyers, Patty Smith and so on. At Paris Photo it and was presented with something totally new, work you had never seen before. So there you saw work from around 1900 something, mixed together with some brand new stuff from 2017 and you had not seen before. It was really interesting to see and that the all these pictures and projects were connected and that it goes together somehow and someway. Yeah it was interesting to see.

Did you discover some photographer or something there that inspired you?

Yes, yes, sure I did but I am awful with names…I never remember any names, Therese laughs and then goes on.Paris Photo, I always thought of it as there would be a lot of books, heavy books and a lot of knowledge, old work and contemporary art and everything. But there were so many magazines I discovered there that brought to me new angles of looking at yourself, sexuality or documentary. That was really, really interesting to see… I am more of a magazine person, I like the format better than books in a way.  I thought I would come home with 20 kg of books but I came home with 16 magazines, all kind of magazines, of contemporary art, of nudes…. Oh, it was so pretty. The whole collection of books, magazines and artwork and all the ways you can make a book and express yourself.  This was all a way to have inspiration, and it all connected in the end. Magazines are one way to have inspiration. There are so many different magazines, magazines with words or with no words, magazines dedicated to work of one person or a certain subject…but in the end, it is all about the visual language.

Yes, I discovered a lot of different magazines, and I bought a lot too. I am so broke now. Therese laughs…I came home with 17 kg overweight. Beforehand I thought I would probably come home with five books or so.

What did you mostly take home with you…some old flames or new stuff?

What I bought was totally new to me except there was this one book I knew from searching the Internet. I had not decided before I went what to buy really so I bought what inspired me, or some of it. I went to this magazine booth and it was kind of crazy, lot and lots of different stuff. And there the guys could point out to you a kind of a selection that suited your interest but you of cause choose if you bought the whole selection. I picked a lot of different magazines … it can be really inspiring to look at pictures and work of others that is totally different from what you would ever do yourself.

In the end, we had this little book display and when I spread out all the books and magazines I had bought I saw there was a big likeness in it all…a lot of openness, feminism, vagina….and so on.

Would you go again?

Yes absolutely. Go to Paris Photo!!!. We are all going next year and the year after that…. Therese laughs.