Viðtal við Ryan Ruth, nemanda á 1. ári í Ljósmyndaskólanum.


Í blaði Ljósmyndaskólans er viðtal við Ryan Ruth frá USA. Hann er nemi á 1. ári í Ljósmyndaskólanum og einn af mörgum útlendingum sem stundar nám við skólann.

-Why Photography?

For me it was something I always wanted to pursue but was too afraid to. But then you realize that there is no perfect time, only now. I always had an interest in writing and poetry, so this seemed like the next step in finding new ways in expressing myself.

-Why did you choose Ljósmyndaskólinn?

Ljósmyndaskólinn seemed like the perfect match. Small classes, intimate settings, beautiful space. It´s so cozy that we all feel like family and that makes making creative and sensitive pieces easier, because you feel safe here.

-What type of photography do you like the most?

I´m a darkroom guy, all the way. B&W or color films. There is just something you can feel though the image with film. But the best part of the program is that even when it isn´t something you particularly like, you still enjoy it because the classes are interesting and fun.

-What do you like most about the program?

The intimacy of small classes. You have the ability to really grow under the nourishment of the teachers and Sissa, if you are open, receptive, and really put the time and effort in. When you start you see all these images from famous photographers and think “there´s no way I could do that.” By the end, you feel the strength that you can tackle that task and even accomplish something better.

-Is it difficult being a foreigner in Ljósmyndaskólinn?

Everyone is so open and receptive here that you forget you´re a foreigner. Again it´s all about putting time and effort in. If you push yourself, you´ll be fine. Just leave your worries at home and come here to grow.


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